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dnThe managing director of one of Dar’s leading executive car service operators is the ideal man for sharing an insider’s view on the city. Tumaini has a passion for Dar coupled with an unrivalled knowledge built around a road know-how that enables his stylish fleet to deliver hundreds of passengers to conferences, weddings, celebrations, corporate events and nightspots every day of the week. Here’s Tumaini’s unique perspective on Dar es Salaam…

What’s your favourite Dar view?
Msasani Bay from Cape Town Fish Market is an amazing view. It is very special to have a bustling commercial capital in a beautiful coastal location. This gives Dar a special vibe and character.

What are your favourite Dar places to eat and drink?
Slow Leopard bar in Masaki. Many bars and eateries in Dar are expansive but this bar is a small spot which gives it a great atmosphere for having drinks with friends. For dining, The Bay restaurant in Oysterbay has a really good menu offering very enjoyable bistro-style food.

Favourite Dar street food?
Chipsi Mayai (French Fries Omelette). Kimweri Avenue has so many great spots for ‘zege’ whether you want it a lunch time or at 4am!

Your best city driving tip?
Dar’s roads are very challenging and investing in a professional driver can help you focus on your business or leisure time. Your driver will focus on driving. A professional driver has the patience to safely navigate through congestion and they shape your routes to avoid traffic based on their road knowledge. Their ability to handle the car safely and select the best routes will give you a better travel experience.

Best advice for exploring Dar?
If you get a professional driver and tour the city around noon you will avoid the main congestion times but still experience the vibrancy of the city during daylight hours.

Best place to chill?
Oasis Wine Bar and Coffee House in Masaki is in a quiet residential neighbourhood. The mood is laid back, the wine list is splendid and the music is so cool you will want to Shazam every song!

Bongo’s best kept secret?
Performances by the Dar Choral Society and Orchestra are a rare opportunity to have a really different kind of night out. Enjoying great music with dinner afterwards is a really fun way to spend a Sunday evening. The concerts are also a great chance to mingle with fellow music lovers from so many different backgrounds and make new connections.

Best Bongo beach spot?
Fungu Yasini is situated about three miles offsore near the popular island of Mbudya. It is more of a large sandbank than an island which has some of Dar’s most amazing ocean views. It can be reached by chartering a yacht or motorboat.

Fab Cars are official sponsors of the Dar Choral Society and Orchestra who will perform Beethoven’s Syphony No. 9 ‘Ode to Joy’ on Sunday 22 May 2016.

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