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The real story behind Baileys Irish Cream and other great drinks brands

gluckman book comp‘‘That s*it will never sell!’’ is the title of David Gluckman’s autobiographical book that reveals the astonishing working life of one of the greatest innovators in the drinks industry. Just as incredible is that fact David’s career was launched after creating the Baileys liqueur in just 30 seconds… (more…)

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The Wonderful World of Hendrick’s Gin – and 3 ways to drink it

hendricks report 3The wonderful world of Hendrick’s Gin was compellingly shared by one of the leading authorities of this remarkable spirit at a vibrant tasting evening in the Indian Ocean port city of Dar-es-Salaam recently. (more…)

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Q and A: Ally Martin, Hendrick’s Gin Global Ambassador

The Global Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin represents a spirit that has become a legendary brand found in bars across the world. Hendrick’s is now the premium gin of choice for many bartenders all over the globe and it’s the job of Ally Martin, as their inspirational globe-trotting ambassador, to keep the spirit as one of the gin category’s leading players. (more…)

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