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wine q and a

Swahili Coast Foodie looks forward to meeting readers from Dar es Salaam at the city’s 11th wine festival. To mark the occasion you are invited to send me your questions about the world of wine for a special Q and A series in the coming weeks. (more…)

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Fast food and slow wine pairing at Neethlingshof estate

Neethlingshof 1Cape Town Series: There has been a really great response from readers to the special reports from South Africa. This report from Neethlingshof estate in the Cape Winelands will please food and wine enthusiasts alike. (more…)

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Wine Basics: Red Grape Varieties

Wine starts with the grape variety which shapes the taste or character. In order to appreciate wine, it is crucial to understand the characteristics of different grapes and how they are expressed in wines. While there are lots of grapes in the world, there are select few that are most recognisable for making fine wine.

To make red wine, the skins are almost as important as the juicy grape pulp. Skins and stems add colour and tannins to the wine. Here are some of the popular red grape varieties:close up of red grapes (more…)

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Wine Basics: Top wine-producing countries of the world

The complex influences that result in a wine’s unique traits are influenced by the soil and climate of the vineyard site (terroir); the way the grapes are cultivated (viticulture); the vineyard conditions throughout the growing season and at harvest; and most importantly the production choices a winemaker makes (vinification).

Terroir or the regional characteristics of wine growing is crucial factor in vinification.  In the end, a unique terroir is responsible for the properties of a particular wine.

single wine barrel (more…)

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