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Dinner at Belvedere Bistro*

Belvedere Main Photo

The Upanga quarter of Dar es Salaam is now home to one of the city’s newest ‘bistro’ restaurants. The atmosphere of the bistro-café in France is traditionally informal and relaxed. The Belvedere cleverly manages to achieve this laid-back atmosphere but in a stylish setting which has a spacious layout together with elegant décor. Patrons can choose between alfresco dining, sofa seating around dark-wood tables or a conventional table setting. (*Sep 2016: this business is presently closed) (more…)

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Light Lunch at Zanzibar Café, Mlimani City Dar Es Salaam*

FotorCreated  ZC1

One of the highlights of a shopping expedition to Mlimani City must be a visit to the Zanzibar Café that has become a popular meeting point, lunch stop and pre-cinema hang-out since opening in 2014. “We simply aim to offer great coffee!” says manager Manuel Siegrist who manages a friendly team that expertly uses their own Rift Valley coffee blend of Arabica from Mbeya and Robusta from Bukoba. (*Sep 2016: this business is presently closed) (more…)

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Seafood Supper at Serena’s Jahazi Restaurant

Jahazi Restaurant
Jahazi Restaurant

Seafood at Serena’s Jahazi offers diners an authentic taste of the Swahili Coast – with a few interesting twists. In addition to an impressive selection of market fresh fish offerings you will also find several splendid meat options, a decent choice of vegetarian meals and more! (more…)

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Arabic Evening at The Palm, Hyatt Regency, Dar Es Salaam


Every Tuesday at The Palm Restaurant, you can experience an Arabic feast that is based on the simple but effective formula of creating authentic food made to the highest Hyatt standards. The astonishing choice of freshly made dishes reflects the varied traditions and influences of the region.  This is all achieved under the masterful direction of Chef Barakat whose team prepares dishes using the most popular recipes from several Arabic nations.


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Denzil’s Food And Wine Pairing: Parmesan Chicken with De Bortoli Family Selection Semillon Chardonnay 2013


Chicken is a blank slate when it comes to pairing with wine. This meat can be paired with any number of wines depending on the preparation. For example, simple grilled chicken or chicken salads are great with Sauvignon Blanc wines. Chicken with creamy sauces, however, are a perfect match with Chardonnay. (more…)

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Denzil’s Food And Wine Pairing: Fillet Steak And Pepper Sauce With Undurraga Cabernet Sauvignon 2013


pepper steak with undurraga cabernet sauvignon fotor

Southern Sun’s Baraza is a great destination for red meat lovers. This fillet is perfect with chips or creamy mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. To pick a wine that will compliment a steak dish, Denzil believes that the most important thing to consider is the cut of the meat. (more…)

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