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Private Tasting of Boschendal, Douglas Green, Bellingham & Tall Horse Wines

It was real delight to meet winemaker Jaco Poitgeiter from Douglas Green Bellingham (DGB) group, one of the big players of the South African wine industry. DGB operates three winemaking facilities: at Boschendal, Franschhoek Cellars (for the Bellingham label) and in Wellington where they blend then bottle négociant  wines (bought from various cooperative cellars) for Douglas Green, Tall Horse, The Beach House, Culemborg and Saints labels. My invite for the private wine tasting came from Meenal Kansara, marketing manager at Mohans Oysterbay Drinks Ltd, who import and distribute DGB wines in Tanzania.

White Wine


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Seafood Supper at Serena’s Jahazi Restaurant

Jahazi Restaurant
Jahazi Restaurant

Seafood at Serena’s Jahazi offers diners an authentic taste of the Swahili Coast – with a few interesting twists. In addition to an impressive selection of market fresh fish offerings you will also find several splendid meat options, a decent choice of vegetarian meals and more! (more…)

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Denzil’s Food And Wine Pairing: Parmesan Chicken with De Bortoli Family Selection Semillon Chardonnay 2013


Chicken is a blank slate when it comes to pairing with wine. This meat can be paired with any number of wines depending on the preparation. For example, simple grilled chicken or chicken salads are great with Sauvignon Blanc wines. Chicken with creamy sauces, however, are a perfect match with Chardonnay. (more…)

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