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Private Dinner with Chef Milan Cotra at The Palm Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Hotel

chef Milan

Serbian cuisine is described as ‘Europe’s Foodie Secret’ by the website of the iconic Lonely Planet travel guides. The hidden treasures of Serbian gastronomy, however, are now revealed for diners in Dar at the Balkan Cuisine night every Monday at the Hyatt. (more…)

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Hyatt Regency’s Chef Barakat: Beef Koftas with Grilled Tomatoes

FotorCreated - chef barakat

Koftas are meatballs (in Arabic). Together with shawarmas, falafel and
hummus, koftas are one of the ubiquitous Arab dishes enjoyed across all the
Arab nations. Chef Barakat says they are essentially home food: something
simple, basic and familiar, yet loaded with memories and associations.
Every Arab cook will have his or her own version. (more…)

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Hyatt Regency’s Chef Barakat: Tabbouleh Recipe


Tabbouleh is an Arabic parsley salad with scattered grains of bulgur wheat  – a quick-cooking  form of whole wheat . It vies with hummus, falafel and meat shawarmas as the most famous Arab foods to have migrated out of the Middle East. In the Arab World, especially in its home of Syria and Lebanon, the salad is usually made as part of the mezze table. (more…)

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Arabic Evening at The Palm, Hyatt Regency, Dar Es Salaam


Every Tuesday at The Palm Restaurant, you can experience an Arabic feast that is based on the simple but effective formula of creating authentic food made to the highest Hyatt standards. The astonishing choice of freshly made dishes reflects the varied traditions and influences of the region.  This is all achieved under the masterful direction of Chef Barakat whose team prepares dishes using the most popular recipes from several Arabic nations.


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